I recently became aware of a new web site,

In a New York Post article, Julie Surrey tells how her new matchmaking Web site, became a reality.

Absent-mindedly opening up a document on her boyfriend’s computer, Julie Surrey could not believe her eyes.

The file she’d inadvertently clicked on contained a scanned marriage license, revealing that her live-in lover of eight years had just exchanged vows with another woman.

“I was devastated,” recalls Surrey, 57, of the shocking discovery. “It was a horrible betrayal.”

While it took the Jersey City marketing executive years to come to terms with the resulting 2006 breakup, the experience planted the seed for her new matchmaking Web site,

The site, which officially launched in January, is aimed at “infidelity survivors” seeking other singles who’ve also been through cheating scandals.

Before they’re admitted, prospective members of FidelityDating must agree to a unique contract: “By signing up, you agree you are not in a relationship. You will be honest and faithful.”

Surrey and her business partner, Gary Spivak, are quick to admit that the contract is neither verifiable nor binding, but insist they’re attracting “the right type of person” because of the stipulation. The Tinder crowd — for whom a swipe to the right means a no-strings roll in the hay — can search elsewhere.

“Our members are looking for loyal people they can trust,” says Spivak, 45, who has been happily married for 18 years but had an unfaithful girlfriend in his early 20s. “Because they’ve been through infidelity themselves, they know why it’s important not to hide things in a relationship.”

Thousands of romantics-done-wrong have already joined the site, which is currently free but will eventually roll out $30 per month memberships.

News of the site spread widely on social media after it was endorsed on “The New Dr. Drew Show” by Danine Manette, author of the best-selling, self-help book “Ultimate Betrayal.”

“We’re targeting the sort of person who understands the need for [his or her significant other] to frequently check in by cellphone,” explains Spivak, who also believes partners should be allowed to read each other’s personal e-mail. “If you haven’t been cheated on, you might not fully grasp the importance of openness and honesty.”


  1. Donna says:

    Good information! I will check it out.

  2. Tammy says:

    I like this site better than any of the others. At least you go into dating with the idea that this person may be real or someone that has experienced a cheating girlfriend and will not do this to you.

  3. Andrea says:

    Thank you! I did not like EHarmony. I will try this dating site.

  4. Barbie says:

    What age group does this site cater to?

  5. Nicole says:

    I just joined this site. Will let you know what I find.

  6. Barbie says:

    I read the write up on this site and there are no guarantees that the people you hook up with will not cheat.

  7. samantha says:

    I joined this site for free to try it and see if they were any different from the other sites.

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