I’m writing to tell woman who have dealt with infidelity in their marriage to keep in mind the old saying, “once a cheat, always a cheat”. It seems that a lot of women internalize the infidelity by believing something they did or did not do was the problem. Many make excuses for the infidelity. We think about the times we nagged our husbands or when we were moody and we think to ourselves, “Our behavior is why he went somewhere else.” We try to work on the relationship hoping he won’t do it again. Our husbands also say they won’t do it again and we want to believe them. This is the pattern my marriage followed for a number of years. It was so bad, at one point; I think I was capable of killing my husband. Fortunately, I came to my senses and divorced the man. I learned through a friend that he was now cheating on his current wife. Expected it. Not sad to hear this. It actually sunk in that it was him and not me.


  1. rooty says:

    Good info!

  2. Ethel says:

    I went through something similar. I caught my husband cheating (his text messages) and didn’t want to lose him. I tried to make it work. We finally divorced and my friends tell me he is cheating on new wife. Good riddens!

  3. samantha says:

    They don’t stop until they get old and no one wants them any more.

  4. Andrea says:

    I believe this saying is true! I tried to work it out with my husband, but he always went back to his old ways…..skirt chasing. I am much happier divorced and no longer trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

  5. Nicole says:

    My boyfriend cheated on his last girlfriend. Does that mean he will be cheating on me?

  6. Sheila says:

    Some guys will change. My friend’s boyfriend was a cheat, until he got cheated on. He didn’t like how it felt. He said he would not treat someone like that again. Do you think we can believe him?

  7. Donna says:

    Women cheat as well. My friend cheats on her husband and he has no clue.

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