About Susan Perry

photo1 Susan Perry is a retired federal agent who was married to a commercial airline pilot for over seven years. Not once did Susan ever think she would have to draw upon her investigative experience to uncover an act of betrayal that was so emotionally devastating or that the perpetrator would be someone she loved and trusted.

Susan’s book is unique in that she offers what no other author to date can provide: first-hand experience on the topic of infidelity, along with two decades of knowledge in covert surveillance techniques, financial analysis, and the art of acquiring hard-to-obtain information. She is the only infidelity expert on the circuit who, as a federal agent, has the investigative acumen to provide “how-to” practical advice to women who want to determine if their partner is being unfaithful, but do not have the financial resources or want to hire a private investigator.

During her career, Susan has investigated everything from income tax evasion to money laundering to terrorist financing. As a leading U.S. government speaker and expert in the field of financial investigations, she has traveled the world making presentations at conferences attended by law enforcement and government officials in order to foster the development and promotion of national and international policies to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

She has written articles for the following magazines: Premiere, BeE Woman, and First for Women, and has been a guest on the following nationally syndicated radio shows; The Ladies Room, The Shame Free Zone, and The Jay Thomas radio show.

Susan now wants to share her story and the stories of other women who have dealt with an unfaithful partner in her book, TEN WAYS to Keep Other Women Away from Your Husband’s Cockpit.